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The Customer Understands that Twisted Choppers Is Not the Manufacturer of All Products Purchased by The Customer Hereunder and The only Warranties Offered Are Those of The Manufacturer, Not Twisted Choppers. All Products Are Sold As-Is. In Purchasing the Products, the Customer Is Relying on The Manufacturer’s Specifications only And Is Not Relying on Any Statements, Specifications in Brochures, Photographs, or Other Illustrations Representing the Products that May Be Provided by Twisted Choppers. Twisted Choppers and Its Affiliates Hereby Expressly Disclaim All Warranties Either Express or Implied, Related to Products Sold by Third Parties or Affiliates of Twisted Choppers, Including, Without Limitation, Any Warranty of Merchantability, Fitness for A Particular Purpose, or Non-Infringement. This Disclaimer Does Not Affect the Terms of The Manufacturer’s Warranty if Any.


Twisted Choppers Warrants to The Original Owner that Twisted Choppers Branded Products Are Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship, Under Normal and Intended Use, Including Plating, for A Period of 30 Days from The Delivery Date. Surface Rust Can Be Prevented by Proper Care and Is Not Covered by This Warranty. Twisted Choppers Agrees to Repair or Replace, at Twisted Chopper’s Sole Discretion, without Charge, Any Twisted Choppers Brand Product Which Is Returned to Us at The Original Owner’s Expense to Twisted Choppers, 27085 S Tallgrass Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57108 and Which, After Examination, Shows that Said Product Has Failed in Normal Use Due to Defects in Material And/or Workmanship. Such Repair or Replacement Shall Not Include Installation. This Express Warranty Is Not Applicable to Twisted Choppers Products Which Have Been Subject to Corrosion of The Finish Due to Neglect, Chemicals, And/or Adverse Weather Conditions.

Twisted Choppers Hereby Disclaims All Other Express Warranties. Twisted Choppers Hereby Disclaims All Implied Warranties, Including Warranties of Merchantability and Use For A Particular Purpose To The Extent the Law of The State of Sale and Federal Law Allows. Twisted Choppers May Use Outside Manufacturing Facilities to Provide Their Products. in This Case, the Warranty Provided Is Passed Through Twisted Choppers to The Manufacturer, with Twisted Choppers Acting as A Sales Agent for Said Products. Twisted Choppers Cannot Be Held Liable for Damages as A Result of Failure for A Product Produced by An Outside Manufacturer, but Will Provide the Necessary Documentation upon Request for Legal Reasons.

Transfer of Title of Any Twisted Choppers Products by The Original Owner Voids the Warranty.

This Warranty Gives You Specific Legal Rights And You May Also Have Other Rights Under State Laws. No Warranty or Representation by Anyone Other than Twisted Choppers Will Be Binding by The Manufacturer.

Twisted Choppers Brand Products Are Not Designed to Be Mounted with Any Hardware, Adapters, Etc., Other than What Is Supplied by Twisted Choppers. Brands Which Are Purchased as Seconds or Blemishes Are Not Eligible for Any Warranty Adjustment.


By Purchasing Goods from Twistedchoppers.Com, You Agree that The Offer and Sale of Those Goods Take Place In, and Will Be Governed Exclusively by The Laws Of, the State of South Dakota. You Also Agree That Any Legal or Equitable Claim Against Twisted Choppers Arising from Or Related to Your Purchase Must Be Brought in The City, State, or Federal Courts Located in Canton, South Dakota, and You Consent To The Exclusive Jurisdiction and Venue in Such Courts. All Goods Purchased from Twisted Choppers Are F.O.B. at Our Fulfillment Center. Title to The Goods Passes to You at The Time of Delivery by The Fulfillment Center to A Common Carrier.

For All International Orders, Customers Are Responsible for All Customs and Import Duties or Taxes of The Destination Country. In Addition, International Shipping Charges Will Be Added at The Time of Purchase Where Necessary. Because These Duties Vary by Country, Twisted Choppers Cannot Determine What These Fees Will Be. for More Information, Please Contact Your Local Customs Office.

Orders for In-Stock Items Will Leave Our Warehouse the Same Day if Ordered Before 12:00 PM CST Excluding Weekend/Holidays. Otherwise, In Stock Orders Will Ship One (1) Business Day After Placing the Order. Shipping Will Be via UPS or USPS for Small Package Items. Engines Are Shipped via Freight Carrier. Normal Shipping Time for Domestic Shipments Will Be 1-6 Business Days for Standard Ground Service or 6-10 Days for Most International Shipments. Faster Shipping Methods Will Be Delivered Based on The Upgraded Shipping Service Selected. for Example, if Something Is Ordered at 2:00 P.M. Cst via Next Day Air Shipping, the Package Will Arrive 2 Business Days Later for In-Stock Items. if Items Are on Backorder, an Email with An Estimated Ship Date Will Be Sent Within 1-2 Business Days to Inform You of The Backorder and Your Right to Cancel the Order or Proceed with The Order Based on The New Estimated Ship Date. Estimated Ship Dates Are Shown Within the Product Listing as “Usually Ships Within X-Xx Days” This Means the Item Will Likely Take This Many Days Before Leaving Our Warehouse. Shipping Times Are in Addition to These Times.

Orders for Motorcycle Components Will Be Delivered Based on Availability and Custom Manufacturing Requirements. The estimated Delivery Time for Most Motorcycle Components to Leave Our Warehouse Is Within 1-2 Days from Ordering. Components Requiring Custom Manufacturing or Finishes Can Take 1-5 Weeks for Delivery. Estimated Ship Date Will Be Provided Within 1-2 Business Days of Order. Because of The Custom Nature of Our Products and Orders Being Produced as Ordered, Charges Will Occur to Any Credit Card at The Time of Order.


Visitor Agrees that In the Event He Causes Damage to Us or A Third Party as A Result of Or Relating to The Use of https://twistedchoppers.com, Visitor Will Indemnify Us For, And, if Applicable, Defend Us Against, Any Claims for Damages.


Visitor Agrees as A Condition of Viewing, that Any Communication Between Visitor and Website Is Deemed a Submission. All Submissions, Including Portions Thereof, Graphics Contained Thereon, or Any of The Content of The Submission, Shall Become the Exclusive Property of The Website and May Be Used, Without Further Permission, for Commercial Use without Additional Consideration of Any Kind. Visitor Agrees to Only Communicate that Information to The Website, Which It Wishes to Forever Allow the Website to Use in Any Manner as It Sees Fit. “submissions” Is Also a Provision of The Privacy Policy.


No Additional Notice of Any Kind for Any Reason Is Required to Be Given to Visitor and Visitor Expressly Warrants an Understanding that The Right to Notice Is Waived as A Condition for Permission to View or Interact with The Website.


As Part of The Consideration that The Website Requires for Viewing, Using, or Interacting with This Website, the Visitor Agrees to Use Binding Arbitration for Any Claim, Dispute, or Controversy (“claim”) of Any Kind (whether in Contract, Tort, or otherwise) Arising out of or Relating to This Purchase, This Product, Including Solicitation Issues, Privacy Issues, and Terms of Use Issues.

Arbitration Shall Be Conducted Pursuant to The Rules of The American Arbitration Association Which Are in Effect on The Date a Dispute Is Submitted to The American Arbitration Association. Information About the American Arbitration Association, Its Rules, and Its Forms Are Available from The American Arbitration Association, 335 Madison Avenue, Floor 10, New York, New York, 10017-4605. The hearing Will Take Place in The City or County of The Owner of https://twistedchoppers.com.

In No Case Shall the Viewer, Visitor, Member, Subscriber, or Customer Have the Right to Go to Court or Have a Jury Trial. Viewer, Visitor, Member, Subscriber, or Customer Will Not Have the Right to Engage in Pre-Trial Discovery Except as Provided in The Rules; You Will Not Have the Right to Participate as A Representative or Member of Any Class of Claimants Pertaining to Any Claim Subject to Arbitration; the Arbitrator’s Decision Will Be Final and Binding with Limited Rights of Appeal.

The Prevailing Party Shall Be Reimbursed by The Other Party for Any and All Costs Associated with The Dispute Arbitration, Including Attorney Fees, Collection Fees, Investigation Fees, and Travel Expenses.


If Any Matter Concerning This Purchase Shall Be Brought Before a Court of Law, Pre- or Post-Arbitration, the Viewer, Visitor, Member, Subscriber, or Customer Agrees to That the Sole and Proper Jurisdiction to Be the State and City Declared in The Contact Information of The Web Owner Unless Otherwise Here Specified. In The Event That Litigation Is in A Federal Court, the Proper Court Shall Be the Closest Federal Court to The Owner of https://twistedchoppers.com’s Address.


Viewer, Visitor, Member, Subscriber, or Customer Agrees that The Applicable Law to Be Applied Shall, in All Cases, Be that Of the State of The Owner of https://twistedchoppers.com.






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